About Rumana Rab

Rumana Rab is a dynamic yoga therapist who inculcate her energy, gentle nature and philosophy to the person she mentors. Rumana has realized her vision of yoga by line the foundation of her yoga studio, “Rumana Rab Holistic Yoga”.

Rumana figured out yoga in 1997 while living in India. She herself was obese and diagnosed with Thyroid imbalance. In her wake to overcome her own ailment, she practiced yoga and it turned out to be just the remedy!

What began as a practice to stay healthy and fit, converted into her passion and relaxation pursuit; which provided her with much-needed space to focus on inner self and forget about the world outside. She realized the power of yoga and decided to share this knowledge with others.

Rumana thus began her journey of practicing yoga. In early days, she started with teaching school children. Later on she embarks on training to the employees of Raymond Limited, Denim Division in India. She used her practice as a means of dealing with stress and enhancing the performance of the employees.

Upon moving to Dubai she devoted herself full-time to yoga. What began as a physical practice for gaining strength and flexibility eventually became a lifestyle. Rumana coaches her students to take yoga off their mat and apply the principles to their day to day lives. She not only teaches this philosophy, she lives it! Rumana follows a Holistic approach to Yoga. She believes that Yoga is a union of the body, mind and soul. Her personalized method of teaching makes her approach unique. She has many Asana’s to her credit, which she has developed keeping in mind the needs and problems of individuals.

Why Rumana Rab Holistic Centre?

  • We care for you and make you careful about yourself.
  • We make you aware of your inner self and surrounding you live in.
  • Skilled and devoted trainers
  • Provide services to the people from Pre-natal stage to old age.
  • Theoretical and practical classes are conducted regularly at the centre
  • Tradition and blended practices to address the need and problems of people in terms of physical and mental health.
  • Expertise in counselling and dietary
  • Visionary approach with regard to health.
  • Facility of Online and offline classes (as per your convenient).
  • Service are provided at reasonable charge.

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