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Begin your journey with yoga specialist, Rumana Rab, where she introduces yoga as a therapy in holistic approach to fitness, health and well-being. When asked about yoga, this is what she had to say, “Yoga is a flame that never dims. The more you practice, the brighter the flame.”

We are Specialised in

Therapy Yoga

Therapy Yoga stands for balance between the three gunas, the seven dhatus, the three doshas and the fifteen sub-doshas as a means of treating Vikriti (imbalance). Therapy yoga is the holistic approach adapted by the Guru or Experts who combine the asanas and breathing techniques to support you for any kind of health or mental issues.

Pre-natal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a great way to make all three trimester smooth and help to prevent complications of pregnancy such as back pain, body swellings, mood swings etc. The strengthening of muscles aids in a smooth delivery and our specially designed Surya Namaskar helps to control body weight, hormonal imbalance and much more.

Yoga for Weight-loss

Controlling body weight is a major challenge for everyone these days especially without causing any damage. Therefore, at Rumana Yoga, we introduce weight-loss yoga using Asanas which facilitate the process without hurting the neck, back or knee and help to get back to the ideal body weight.

Body Toning

Body toning is essential in reducing inches and strengthening muscles to give a desired shape. The practices increases stamina, decreases prevalence of diseases improve your posture, elevate your mood and improve overall quality of life.


Meditation is an integral part of yoga involving mental relaxation and concentration that helps to forget the past, the future and enjoy the present! Meditation improves focus and improves body-mind connection that controls your brain ageing.

Laughter Therapy

Live, Love and Laugh! Laughing is proven very helpful for lungs, heart and mental health as it improves the muscle movement, releases serotonin (happy hormones) and combats anxiety / depression. Laughter therapy detoxifies lungs, strengthens cardiac muscles and releases all kinds of stress.

Facial Exercise

Facial exercises stimulates muscles, skin, and lymphatic system. With regular practice, the facial muscles will tighten, removing fine lines of ageing and the improved blood flow will maintain glow on face. Stunning appearance is just a by-product!

Customised Diet

A good diet is equally important as doing regular workouts. A balanced diet not only facilitates weight-loss but also improves inner-health. Our diet plans are flexible yet effective with no starving, no compromising with craving!

Eye Yoga

Eye exercises unquestionably benefit in relaxing and alleviating the eye pain caused due to straining. With regular practice, eye muscles get stronger, reduces redness and consequent headaches.

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