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We all know life exist till we breath. We are all used to shallow breathing. This increases toxic levels in our body and increases stress level also. Deep breathing reduces stress and toxins. By learning and practicing prayanama properly, we can remove toxins from our body. Deep breathing relaxes our body.

Yoga is a life of a self-discipline based on the principle of simple living and high thinking. It is a Union of the body, mind and soul. Just as a car requires a lubricating system, a battery, a cooling system, proper fuel, and a responsible driver behind the wheel, the body also has certain needs if it has to function smoothly.

There are many types of physical exercise, but the yogic system of asanas is complete, benefiting far more than just the physical body. The asanas emphasize deep breathing, relaxed movements, and mental concentration which can be achieved by proper yoga and proper guidance.



PHYSICAL BENEFITS: IT IS OFTEN SAID THAT “YOU are as young as your spine” Asanas initially focus on increasing and maintaining flexibility of the spine, toning and rejuvenating the nervous system. The gentle stretching, twisting and bending movements bring flexibility to the other joints and muscles of the body, as well as massaging the glands and organs. Circulation can be improved, ensuring a rich supply of nutrients and oxygen to all the cells of body.



Steady postures free the mind from disturbances caused by physical movement promoting steadiness of mind, balancing the emotions, and improving your outlook on life.

Yoga relieves from many body ailments like

  • Weight Reduction and Tone Your Body Stress, Hypertension
  • Arthritis problems
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Backache, Sciatica, Arthritis, Slip disc and Spondylitis
  • Wheezing, Sinus, Asthma, Allergies
  • Gas & Acidity Problems, Headache, Migraine
  • Insomnia (Sleeplessness)
  • Improving Immunity
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Gynecological Problems

Payal Sharma

About 2 years back I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary, which as per my doctor could only be controlled and not cured. I approached Rumana and she instructed me to do certain asanas. Today not only am I fully cured, I do feel a lot more energetic. Yoga with Rumana indeed has changed my life.

Ranjeet Kaur Kanjan

I have lost 10 kilos in one and half month. This could happen only because of Rumana’s support and inspiration along with her yoga exercises and specific diet chart which I followed strictly and regularly. It worked! Thanks Rumana!

Vinita Shivhare

I came to Rumana complaining of lower back pain as a result of slip disc and nerve compression. Within 6 months, I could notice the improvement and could easily practice all the asanas and postures without any pain. Also, the various prayanamas and asanas during the course made me feel healthy and energetic. I must thank Rumana for all her help and in confirming my belief of limitless health and benefits of practicing yoga

Meera Joshi

I had a tendon in the knee damaged. It was very painful and despite a lot of physiotherapy and painkillers, I could not walk without limping or sleep without pain. I also had pain in hip and thigh joints. I started yoga sessions with Rumana 5 weeks ago. Now, I do not have any pain in my hip and thigh joints. It has completely vanished! The knee pain is 90% cured. I am really impressed that with a few yoga exercises, my pain has been cured. THANK YOU RUMANA!

Radiyas Experienc

I was diagnosed with PCOs since I was 15 and was taking hormonal (tablets) treatment, but all in vain. Both my ovaries show numerous cysts and for 7 years now I’m not taking any treatment as I was fed up. I get my periods every three months, if not; I take hormonal tablets to get them forcefully.

Rupils Mothers Experience

I came to Dubai to visit my daughter in Jan ’14. She told me about this place called Rumana Rabs Holistic Yoga that she went to. So I agreed to join as well, as she praised Rumana a lot. I went to her with a back ache and a knee problem and just after doing yoga regularly for almost 3 months and under Rumana’s guidance,

Abhinavs Experience

Two years ago, my right ear developed a problem called tinnitus (constant ringing/chirping sound from inside of my ear) and as a side effect, I had hearing problems. My initial hearing test showed 40% loss in my right year and my second one showed 60%. Doctors (both in India and UAE) informed me there is no actual solution.

Rashmi Jaikrishnan

I have been Rumana’s student for the past three years. Yoga helped me a great deal in every way. It has reduced the instances of cold and cough which was very frequent before and has also helped me psychologically as well by increasing my patience and determination level and generally making me more optimistic overall. For all this more, I will always remain grateful to Rumana




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TH: THERAPEUTIC YOGA for relieving all health issues.
PLT: PILATES designed to improve physical strength, flexibility & posture enhancement.
MI: MALE INSTRUCTOR Note: class duration is one hour.

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