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With the ongoing stay-home situation, we are working towards building a healthy community. Join us and invest your time on on your health in this lockdown situation and emerge stronger once the skies became blue again.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to step up your routine, get the full studio experience at your home with our online yoga classes for body, mind, and spirit.

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Customer Review


“Hi all, doing yoga on line is the best thing I could do to stay calm, stressfree and to be positive which is much needed, the whole world is going through a crisis. we just pray to have a better living soon.. Thank you, it would be a very small word for what you all doing for us .. Rumana, Meezan & Bhawna really, without you all it wouldn’t have been possible to survive in this difficult times .. Stay safe & blessed..”



“That’s exactly how I feel.. In this difficult times online yoga is a wonderful way to stay safe and energize ourselves with positivity. It keeps us healthy and active. I thank Almighty who gave us strength to survive during this stressful time. Alhumdulillah.. we have Rumanaji in our life. Thank you Rumanaji , Meezaan , Shikha and last but not the least Bhavna.”


“Yoga is the best part of my day since 2013. So when this lockdown was announced and things were all scary and unsure..the best news we heard that time was that Rumanaji (our Savior) was going to start online Yoga classes. I have not missed a single online class..lts still my fav part of the day. I feel so much positivity and calmness after the class and I’m ready to handle all that the current situation unfolds …I luv the way u still correct each of us even online, and how u cater to the special needs of every single person in the class… Thank you Rumanaji, Meezan & Bhavna..Needless to say we miss ur classes Shikha. God Bless you all for helping us in a way no one else.


“I can’t think of a day without yoga. It keeps me going and is helping me survive in this difficult times by keeping me calm. Thanks Rumana Mann, Meezan and Bhavna! You guys are great and more like a family to me now”


“Hello… Doing online Yoga in these difficult days is bringing fitness in body, calmness in mind, kindness in heart and awareness in life.” “Peace is the foundation of yoga. I can’t think a day without yoga.
I wish to thank you Rumanaji from the bottom of my heart. You are such a wonderful teacher who has showed me that learning can actually be fun. I know you since September 2010. Being part of your yoga classes with you is something that I’ll never forget and I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you so much for your support and love keep up the good work. Thank you Meezaan & Bhavna. God Bless You all always!!!”


“The biggest challenge during this lockdown has been to stay fit , both physically and mentally. I started off doing yoga as an exercise. Little did I know , that it has become a way of life.lt has helped me to stay focussed and channelise my energy in a positive way. Thank you Rumanaji and Mezaan for making the zoom online session happen and reaching out to us. Thank you to Bhavna as well for all your support.”


“You know how important yoga is to a person when that person changes her schedule of classes and meetings and what not to fit in a yoga class in the morning !!!!
And if I can’t then it’s a class in the evening !
Conclusion : a day without yoga just can’t be considered!
It’s the calm to the madness around and brings the normal to the very unusual circumstances we are in .
A special mention to Rumanaji for ensuring we dont let this quarantine affect our bodies and minds .
And …. a huge thank you for extending your love to my 77 year old mother who has never done yoga in her life before but is now doing yogic breathing like a pro , thanks to”

Frequently Asked Question

What type of online Yoga classes conducted?

We conduct online group yoga session of duration 60 minutes with emphasis on yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga and Therapy) to improve immunity, stress relief, body toning and overall fitness.

We also conduct individual online session of duration 60 minutes for specialised needs like prenatal, chronic illnesses, diabetes, thyroid and gynaecological issues. This class is even conducted on request.  


How are online Yoga classes conducted?

We use Zoom application to conduct online classes


What is Zoom application and how can I have it on my mobile?

Zoom application is a free meeting platform that allows communication via HD Video and Audio. It allows you to see the instructor as well the other participants and interact in order to have a question/answer/feedback session.

You can download Zoom app from play store, apple store, Microsoft store etc. for free. You can even utilize Zoom Cloud Meetings on your browser to participate in a session. Once you download Zoom, you can even test the features using Zoom Test Meeting.


Will I be able to convert my online package to in person training once such facility is available?

Yes we provide the flexibility of converting online session package to appropriate number of in-person training sessions. However, reopening of Yoga center is subject to approval from UAE Government Authorities.


What are charges for online Yoga classes?

Please ping us on WhatsApp or chat for further details and charges.


Is the session beginner friendly?

Our instructors ensure to make the beginners feel at ease by assisting them separately during the class. The type of session varies as per daily schedule and within 3-4 sessions, you will get accustomed to our style!


What do I need for the session?

A normal yoga mat will do. If unavailable, any carpet with good grip is also enough. Apart from that, we use props that are easily available at home such as chair, scarf and tissue-box!


Will I get a trial session?

Yes! We offer one trial class (on request) to get a feel of our unique style.


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TH: THERAPEUTIC YOGA for relieving all health issues.
PLT: PILATES designed to improve physical strength, flexibility & posture enhancement.
MI: MALE INSTRUCTOR Note: class duration is one hour.

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